Antique Floor Lamp

Having an antique floor lamp in your house is a sure way to strike a conversation with houseguests. Because of its history, intricate design and romantic elegance, it is hard not to see it as a conversational piece. And with its brass finish, stained-glass lampshades, and elaborate patterns, who could resist talking about it? In […]

Beaded Lamp Shades

There are numerous varieties of cup lamp tones used not only for lighting and as an anchor piece for a particular style of home decor. What exactly is an anchor piece? An anchor piece is a central ornamental item around which various other decoration elements are added. Oftentimes this can be a couple of furniture […]

Dome Pendant Light

The beauty of a necklace worn by a person is emphasized by its pendant. Perhaps this is because the very first thing that a person sees is that piece of a little shape hanging around ones neck. A pendant is the make or break of a necklace. It will set off or highlight a persons […]

Compact Fluorescent

Most indoor gardens do not get as much sunlight as they need, and that's where compact fluorescent grow lights become advantageous. Compact fluorescent grow lights give plants grown in indoor gardens the light they need to not only survive, but to thrive. There are many benefits to having compact fluorescent grow lights as part of […]

Paper Lanterns Lights

Gardens can be interesting rooms to enhance. Many people lack the blissful luxury of a yard, but if you do, you certainly are happy! Unlike interior designing, outdoor spaces are a little more complex and need way more detailing and thought. Additionally, tips for home decor are easier to get a hold of online and […]

Bathroom Wall Lights

The bathroom's a funny old room, isn't it - filled and fought over at peak times then sadly neglected for the rest of the day - perhaps that's why bathroom lighting comes as an afterthought in many people's interior dcor plans. Ironically, the way you choose to illuminate your bathroom is probably more important than […]